The Summer is right before us and for some, it couldn't get here soon enough. It's a time to kick back and to get some relaxation in.

For those of us who work a business on the side, it's also a time to relax. However, it's important not to take the entire Summer off.

As business owners, we need to stay focused and continue to build our businesses. I find that many people want to take the whole Summer off and do nothing for their business. That's fine and dandy. Sometimes rest is what some people need.

However, I find it's one of the best times to accelerate your business. It's tough getting a hold of people, because of vacations and many outdoor activities. But, if you continue to work, you'll be ahead of the game when the end of Summer rolls around.

One year in my network marketing opportunity, I remember we had a product launch that was going to happen sometime in the Fall. The people who made the most money were the ones who spent the Summer preparing for it and getting all the requirements to establish their business before the product launch.

The "J" months are usually the slowest months for network marketers. That's January, June and July. January because it's after the holidays and the other two because of Summer. That doesn't mean no one is working their business. It just means it's a slower pace. It's actually a good time learn the network marketing trade.

I encourage you to take the necessary time off that you need in the Summer. After that, keep working your business through the hot days. You'll be glad you did when September gets here.


Don Servais


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