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ServaisSays, Issue #044 -- Website Special Ends January 6th
December 29, 2016

33% OFF a Website for 2017 for your Business

If you have trouble attracting people to your business, you need to get a Website for 2017 that will give you the proper training and teach you the skills you need to know.

The biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs is getting enough traffic to see their business opportunity. I struggled with that problem for quite a few years. A website with content full of profitable keywords is what helped get my business rolling.

SBI is a business course that will give you loads of information about how to build your website so you can rank higher in the search engines and be found by people looking for those keywords.

It's one thing to have a website. It's another to own a website that gets the click.

You want people who don't know you to be introduced to your opportunity while they are surfing the web.

The online training from SBI is what helped me understand the complicated world of creating a website. They have excellent videos to show you step-by-step how to get the click and how to do it right. They have thorough explanations of why certain tasks are done.

If you don't have a business opportunity now, SBI will help you plan an income strategy. Then, develop a plan of attack. SBI will also help you set up a domain name for your website.

All of this is bundled up to a normal $299 per year price (or $30 per month).

Right now through January 6th, you can get one year of SBI for $199!

That's $100 off the regular price (or 33% off).

If you want to go month-to-month, you pay only $17 instead of $30. That's a savings of $13 per month.

I did not have $300 to buy a website when I knew I needed one. It turned out to be the best investment I ever made. When it came time to renew, I didn't have a problem making the payment.

Stop throwing money away on useless lists to get ahead in your business. Get the traffic you need by using keywords that will attract your target audience.

Ultimately, SBI will save you a lot of time and money to get the word out about your business.

The 33% off special for SBI will end on Friday, January 6th.

Don Servais

Renegade Marketing System

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