I hope you're enjoying a happy 4th of July. It's a day to remind us all of the freedoms that we have in this country.

One of the greatest freedoms we have, of course, is the ability to work a business on your own. With the right opportunities, you can even set your own hours.

I hope you realize that growing a business of any sort takes some work. It may not be strenuous work involving heavy lifting, but it's work that deserves your time and attention.

Whether that business is in network marketing or mystery shopping, you must be patient in its growth.

One of the greatest examples of patience is a story I heard many years ago about the growth of the Chinese bamboo tree.

When you first plant a bamboo seedling and care for it properly, you won't see any growth in the first year. All you will see is a tiny sprout.

You continue to care for it for a second year, and that tiny sprout doesn't grow a bit.

The same thing happens in your third year. You keep nourishing and caring for the tree, but all you see is the tiny sprout.

During year four, more of the same. The tiny sprout shows no more growth than the first year.

It's not until the fifth year that you'll see your tree begin to grow. And it grows in a big way.

The tiny sprout you diligently cared for will grow as much as 3 feet in a single day. In the next 6 weeks, the tree will reach as high as 90 feet.

Here's the reason.

The bamboo tree spent the first four years growing below ground. It developed a massive network of roots, which would help propel its rapid growth upward in year five and beyond.

Developing your business can be similar in nature. You have to lay the foundation first before you see big results.

This doesn't mean that your business will take five years to grow. That's what my website is all about. I offer a lot of information and helpful tips to help you avoid the mistakes I made during my growing pains.

There is a smart way to succeed in any business venture you desire. It's all about the planning and building on your roots before you can see rapid growth.

I hope you take the time to plan your future. Write down on paper a "to do" list for yourself every day. This helps you in your struggle to find success.

Do something today, so you can be more independent from employers in the future.

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Don Servais


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