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ServaisSays, Issue #012 -- Get the New Year Started Off Right
December 29, 2012

Special Website Promotion Ending Soon

One business tool that I found most helpful was a website of my own that I could create fresh content for. The two biggest advantages for this are:

1. I received more targeted readers who were interested in what I had to offer.

2. The search engines found it more appealing; thus I had a higher ranking and more people clicked on my site.

Because of this, I didn't have to spend a lot of money advertising my offers. That was especially helpful since I didn't have a lot of money to spend in the first place. I found having my own website was the key to getting fresh faces to view my content.

Right now, there is a major promotion that is good for one week through a company that I found most helpful.

I have found that SBI (Site-Build-It) has helped give my business an identity. Here are a few more reasons why SBI can help you:

1. Brainstorming and researching tools. One of the keys to a successful website is finding keywords that your target audience will use when searching for the information they need. This will help you find profitable keywords to use for your site.

2. A wide selection to choose from for Web/html/graphic designer.

3. Hosting of your site (state-of-the Net speed & reliability, no limits)

4. Ranking Reports for your Keywords at all major Search Engines

5. Search Engine optimization

Get the new year started off right by getting yourself set up with a website.

Happy New Year!

Don Servais


P.S. You can learn more on how to effectively build your business by visiting my website. There are FREE eBooks that will help with the most important problem every business person runs into -- getting enough traffic to visit you.

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