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ServaisSays, Issue #018 -- Free Instagram Marketing Webinar This Thursday, Oct 24th
October 23, 2013

Free Instagram Marketing Webinar This Thursday, Oct 24th

You may not realize it yet, but the web is being totally redesigned.

Up until now it’s been text and PC based.

But we are now shifting into an image and mobile based internet.

In fact, it’s projected that in 2014 (just a couple months from now) more people will be using the internet from their phones than from their computers.

So basically your business needs a mobile strategy for the same reason you need wifi access.

That’s just the age we live in.

Join us this Thursday to find out how you can start tapping into the power of mobile for your business with Instagram:

Mobile and image marketing are the two biggest trends overtaking the internet right now.

And Instagram is one of the fastest and easiest ways to take advantage of both of them.

But most people just don’t know how.

It’s easy to see how a business with physical products can use Instagram to share cool photos of their stuff and get massive exposure.

But how do network marketers or internet marketers with information products use it to generate traffic and build their brand?

That’s what you're going to find out on Thursday.

This is a massive trend you definitely need to be aware of because EVERYTHING is going mobile.

There’s over 6 BILLION cell phones on the planet right now and that number is increasing much faster than the growth of computers.

And cell phones are optimized for sharing images and pictures.

Think about how many words of copy it might take you to describe a feeling or an experience that you want your prospect to have in order to get them into a certain state of mind.

A single image can do what might take hundreds of words to do.

With Instagram you can use the power of mobile and images to reach 150 million users (and growing rapidly).

Find out how on Thursday:

To Your Success,

Don Servais


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