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ServaisSays, Issue #020 -- Reminder: We start in less than an hour...
October 24, 2013

Reminder: We start in less than an hour...

Just a reminder: Tonight’s webinar on how to use Instagram to build your business starts in just an hour or so.

It begins at...

6:00pm PT 7:00pm MT 8:00pm CT 9:00pm ET

There’s still time to join us, if you make sure to dial in early.

The explosive growth of Instagram has happened so fast that many people are still scratching their heads about where it came from, what it is and how to use it.

In just 3 years since it was founded in October 2010, there are already 150 million active users.

That’s a growth rate almost twice as fast as Facebook!

Tonight, you'll find out why you should start incorporating it into your social media strategy.

Go here to join us in about an hour:

To Your Success,

Don Servais


P.S. You can learn more on how to effectively build your business by visiting my website. There are FREE eBooks that will help with the most important problem every business person runs into -- getting enough traffic to visit you.

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