As a network marketer, I've heard a lot of advice from people over the years on how to build your business.

One item you'll hear is the type of person you should be talking to about your business. Here are some of the different qualities they like in a prospect:

- someone who is outgoing - someone who has lots of friends - someone who has a strong belief in him/herself - someone who can write a check to get started in the business

I don't always agree with these qualities. I'm finding quite a few people who don't have a lot of money that are opening the door of opportunity for themselves.

But, there is one quality that I look for more than anything else.


A person who leads can do so many things with their life. Strong leaders get things done and have a lot of ambition to do more.

Leaders don't have to be told what to do. They just go out and do it.

I love to run into people who can gather customers. I also love people who can add new representatives. However, I would trade those people for a leader.

Leaders have special qualities that will allow them to get through the tough times in any business. Everyone will experience some difficult moments in the network marketing business (or any business for that matter). A leader will face adversity head on and not whimper into oblivion.

Look for the person who can lead people and you will have a downline full of motivated people.

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Don Servais


My newsletters will also look at the world of mystery shopping, which is what I did when I had no money to invest. Video Mystery Shopping is more lucrative and less narratives to write. There are fewer video mystery shop companies around right now. That may change in the near future.