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ServaisSays, Issue #014 -- Making money the “old fashioned” way
September 30, 2013

Making money the “old fashioned” way

You know, it really doesn’t take a lot of money to change someone’s life.

Of course, everyone WANTS to make that big 6 or 7 figure residual income, and that’s what everyone talks about online.

But really the truth is, it doesn’t take anywhere near that to start enjoying the FEELING and the stress-relieving benefits of having an online income.

For most people, a simple $500-2,000 extra dollars a month is a LIFE CHANGING income.

You can do a lot of damage with that.

That’ll cover car payments... insurance... cell phone bills... maybe groceries depending on how many mouths there are... help you pay down credit cards pretty quickly... and/or give you extra money to invest in business tools and education.

What would an extra $500-2,000 a month do for your mental state? Your stress levels? And more than anything, your confidence in your business?

Before you make 6 figures, you have to make $1,000 a month.

There are many people on my list, some who even have their own lists, and they still haven’t been able to make their first couple sales or their first couple thousand online.

That’s not good.

We’re going to change that situation on Thursday.

I’m inviting you to a premium webinar with my friends Ann Sieg and Natasha Hazlett called “How To Turn A Few Leads Into Some Cheese”

This isn’t going to be one of the regular free webinars you may have attended in the past.

It only costs $37 to attend, but there will be NO REPLAY sent out for those who do not register. So you don’t want to miss out.

(If you pay the $37, you get the recording)

Here’s the link to register:

This is quite simply one of the most important webinars you could possibly ever attend.

That’s because making your first couple sales and then your first couple thousand dollars online is one of the biggest and most monumental milestones in your business.

It’s the first major accomplishment and once you do that your life changes.

This is also one of the biggest hurdles people get stuck on.

And there really is no good reason for that, as you’ll see on Thursday.

What you're going to learn is not about any kind of automated system... it’s not about the latest magic bullet technique... or any “secret formulas”...

No. There is one simple, old school method above all others that just flat out works when it comes to hauling in money on demand when you need it.

This is about making money the old fashioned way in an online world.

Yes, I’m talking about selling your services.

And the reality is: If you’re still struggling to make your first few dollars online and you haven’t tried selling your services yet, you’re just plain nuts.

It’s $37 to attend and it will probably be the best $37 you’ve ever spent:

See you there.

Don Servais


P.S. You can learn more on how to effectively build your business by visiting my website. There are FREE eBooks that will help with the most important problem every business person runs into -- getting enough traffic to visit you.

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