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ServaisSays, Issue #011 -- Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans Can Save Your Business Money
August 28, 2012

Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans Can Help Your Business

Sixteen years ago, I bought my first cell phone and thought this will be a hot item for people to communicate. I also heard a statistic that year that claimed that 82% of people surveyed in the United States wanted one within the next year.

I thought wow! What a great business opportunity that presents. The next year, many more people made room in their budgets to purchase some oversized cell phones.

At the time, I never imagined that everyone would have a cell phone in ten years. I've even seen homeless people talking on them.

The next challenge for cell phone users is to control the outrageous rates they charge -- especially when you go over your minutes.

This is where a Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan is getting much needed attention. It's where the next explosion in cell phones is taking place right now.

A few years ago, a Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan had a lot of limitations compared to a contract with a major carrier. The phones themselves were pretty basic and didn't include roaming and international calls. They were mostly for people who wanted a phone strictly for emergency purposes.

A prepaid mobile phone has come a long way! Not only are there plans for roaming and international calls, there are options for unlimited talk, text and data options as well. Plus, there is no contract and no credit check.

I just wrote an article about Prepaid Mobile Phones and how this can help people save money on their cell phone bills. It can also help you save money in your business.

Check out the article at:

It's also an excellent way to make money on a full time or part-time basis. Check out the business opportunity I use for this:

It's time to help you, the consumer and business owner, when it comes to outrageous cell phone pricing. You can pay the same price for every minute you're on the phone. Stop getting overcharged for going over your minutes or paying for minutes that you don't use.


Don Servais


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