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ServaisSays, Issue #024 -- We start TONIGHT at 6pm PT/9pm ET
November 14, 2013

We start TONIGHT at 6pm PT/9pm ET

The Twitter PPC live training starts tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

If you want to learn about one of the most powerful UNTAPPED lead generation methods on the internet today, I highly recommend reserving a spot now while you can.

Register Below To Attend...

Twitter PPC has all the advantages of old school Google...

It’s as targeted as Facebook...

And it has the power to generate quality leads much cheaper than any other lead generation source out there...

And best of all, even if you have zero internet experience you can be using it today to generate 10 to 25 targeted leads per day!

Here’s what you’ll learn from Vince tonight...

-The first and most important step to Twitter PPC: Getting your ad approved!

-The crucial difference between “shopping” keywords and “buying” keywords on twitter

-The 3 main categories of “buying” keywords on Twitter

-The two primary types of content or offers you want to promote in your tweets for maximum traffic and leads

-The NUMBER ONE rule for advertising on Twitter PPC you absolutely MUST meet in order for your tweets to generate an ROI

-How to target people who have specific interests on Twitter and who live in specific locations

-How to have your tweets shown to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people (even if you only have a few hundred followers)

-How to get massive exposure and have your tweets shown to all the followers of major leaders, brands, products and companies in your industry

And more.

Just register below and claim your spot on this special invite tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET:

To Your Success,

Don Servais


P.S. You can learn more on how to effectively build your business by visiting my website. There are FREE eBooks that will help with the most important problem every business person runs into -- getting enough traffic to visit you.

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