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ServaisSays, Issue #027 -- Last chance to get Part 2 of Twitter PPC training
November 15, 2013

Last chance to get Part 2 of Twitter PPC training

Today is the last day to watch the replay of the Twitter PPC webinar about how to tap into one of the best kept secrets online and generate 25 leads a day or more using Twitter’s pay-per-click platform.

Today is also the last day to grab a spot in the Daily Marketing Coach community.

It’s also the last day to take advantage of the $9.97 new member offer, plus pick up an awesome Twitter PPC bonus.

After today they'll be taking the replay down and spots inside the community will be closed as well.

So head on over here right away to get all the details while it’s still up...

You might be wondering, but what if I don't use Twitter?

But you see it's not about whether YOU use Twitter or not.

In fact, it’s a good thing that some marketers in our industry are more focused on other social networks these days...

Because the fact is, Twitter is still HUGE!

There are hundreds of millions of people who DO use Twitter all the time!

And trust me, after watching Vince’s presentation you just might find yourself reconsidering your opinion on Twitter.

It’s the 2nd largest network in the world and most people have never even tried using their advertising platform!

Believe me, after watching Vince’s presentation, you’ll be SCRAMBLING to setup your ad account.

People on last night’s webinar were blown away, most of them had no idea this was even possible.

Watch the replay below and you’ll get to see Vince actually take you inside his Twitter account and show you ad campaigns he was running THIS week that helped him place 4th in the top 10 for a big affiliate contest... all just by using Twitter PPC!

At the end of the webinar Ann also made a special offer for their community The Daily Marketing Coach and how you can get access to everything in it for less than 10 bucks.

Check it out here:

You’ll get daily feedback, guidance and mentoring from the coaches and the community to help you set marketing goals and track your progress...

Plus, ongoing training and webinars on the latest techniques like Pinterest, Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC and more.

And if you join during this promo only, you'll also get an additional killer Twitter PPC bonus training.

But they're only accepting new members into Daily Marketing Coach for a few more hours - until 12:00 Midnight Pacific tonight.

They like to start new members in classes as a group so that everyone's on the same page, and the next new member orientation class is this Monday November 18th.

So they'll be closing down after tonight.

You can take full advantage of this $9.97 offer right here (and get all the details by watching the webinar replay)

Hurry, or they’ll be starting without you!

To Your Success,

Don Servais


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