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ServaisSays, Issue #021 -- Your account has been shut down
November 11, 2013

Your account has been shut down

Those are the kind of words that cause home business owners to wake up in cold sweats at 3am in the morning.

The kind of words that can strike fear into the heart of even the toughest entrepreneur, sending them crying for their mommy.

It’s something that those of us who call ourselves internet marketers have become all too familiar with...

The dreaded email from Google...

Or the log in screen on Faceboook...

Informing you that “your account has been shut down” for “unusual activity” or a “violation of our terms”.

And just like that, your business is dead.

IF you rely on just one traffic source, that is.

Don’t make that mistake.

Build multiple streams of traffic.

This Thursday I’m inviting you to a free webinar with a special trainer that’s going to show you how to add Twitter pay-per-click advertising to your portfolio.

If you’ve been around the internet marketing industry for any length of time you know that when it comes to building a massive email list, pay-per-click marketing is king.

However, the mere sound of the word ‘PPC’ also stirs up a lot of mixed emotions as well.

For many people those 3 simple letters ‘PPC’ represent a river of enormous wealth and freedom...

And at the same time, massive pain and frustration.

Everyone knows about Google, Facebook and to a lesser extent, Bing and Youtube PPC.

But are there any other options?

I was recently introduced to some training material by a guy named Vince Reed, who it turns out, is pretty much a traffic monster.

See, Vince saw what happened to a lot of people back in 2009 when Google started stepping on home business owners like they were bugs, and he decided then and there that he was going to make it his goal to master as many different traffic sources as possible, so that would never happen to him.

One of the methods that he began learning was Twitter PPC.

Now if you’re saying to yourself, “Huh? I didn’t even know Twitter had a PPC program?” you’re not alone.

Even though Twitter’s PPC platform has actually been around for a few years now, a lot of people still don’t even know it exists.

And seeing as how Twitter is only, y’know, the 2nd largest social media site in the entire world, I’d say it’s well worth taking the time to learn about.

On Thursday, Vince is going to show you how you can generate serious traffic to your landing pages...

As if you had hundreds of thousands of followers reading your tweets.

I wouldn’t miss this one.

Register now below and make sure to show up early:

To Your Success,

Don Servais


P.S. You can learn more on how to effectively build your business by visiting my website. There are FREE eBooks that will help with the most important problem every business person runs into -- getting enough traffic to visit you.

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