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Earn Extra Income As A Mystery Shopper

The Mystery Shopper business offers people the opportunity to make money without spending a lot of it to get started. 

You have the opportunity to apply for assignments like test driving a luxury vehicle or touring luxury new homes and apartments.  I see a lot of requests from mystery shopping companies to assign mystery shoppers to stay at a hotel for a few nights.  You can also eat at all kinds of restaurants. 

The best part about the business is that there are no franchise fees to get started and you don't have to pay mystery shopping companies to join them. 

If you have pockets of time where you can do some 15 - 30 minute mystery shops, this business may be something for you to consider.  Of course, some mystery shops will take longer, especially for new home builders.  However, there are many $10 and $15 assignments that are easy to do and don't take long to write and submit a report.  The money you make will add up over time and help pay some of your expenses.   

Mystery shopping companies are always looking for new mystery shoppers.  People of all ages are needed for assignments.  College students are needed to take an entrance exam (and fail it!) or to visit the campus bookstore.  Retirees have all kinds of assignments, which include visiting senior living centers and builders for garden homes.  If you speak more than one language, you have more opportunities that may pay more.

One thing I will emphasize on this website.  Beware of scam artists.  Do not send anyone an email with your personal information on it.  Mystery shopping companies have encrypted websites that will protect your information.  I’ve seen a lot of emails and advertisements that boast making $350.00 per assignment by wiring money at a check cashing location.  Once you answer the email or advertisement, you'll receive a check in the mail. 



The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) is the watchdog over the Mystery Shopping industry.  They have a list of over 400 mystery shopping companies worldwide that you can apply to.  You can get website information and phone numbers on where to apply with these companies. 

I have a list of companies in my book (and eBook) “Take That Job And Mystery Shop It!”  My list lets you know who I have done business with and the type of assignments I have done with them.  I left out a few companies that charge money to join.  You should not have to pay a cent to join a mystery shopping company.

Mystery shoppers usually earn double when they are assigned to visit a location with hidden video equipment.  Giving an employer a video of a sales presentation is a great tool to train people properly.  It is not meant to catch someone doing something they shouldn't be doing or invading someone's privacy.  Employees know there are mystery shoppers out there and that some of them may be wearing hidden video equipment.  

Throughout this website, I will at times mention the mystery shopper as a secret shopper or ghost shopper.  This is merely to show the different naming terminology that is used in this business. 

I have a lot of great information for you on this website.  I hope you take the time to read through and agree with me that being a mystery shopper is fascinating.  We need responsible people to write as accurately as possible what happens during a visit or phone call.  This helps employers give proper evaluations to their staff to make their business run more efficiently.  That is the whole reason for mystery shopping. 

 Please submit a form if you have any questions.  Read and enjoy!




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